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Eilis Barratt

The She’s Electric Campaign

Advanced sponsors the Campaign.

She’s Electric is Loud Mobility’s flagship campaign, which aims to inspire and enable more women to cycle through the power of electric bikes. Loud Mobility’s research shows that e-cycles enable a much broader demographic of women to cycle as their mode of transport than regular bikes. 

To highlight this message, the campaign showcases the She’s Electric Role Models – women from a range of backgrounds who use electric bikes in their everyday lives...

The She’s Electric campaign is addressing both the gender gap in cycling, with only 11% of women cycling versus 24% of men, as well as addressing the need to decarbonise our transport systems. Transport is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, accounting for 26% of all emissions in the UK.

The campaign is officially launched at the inaugural Earthfest 2024, held from 19th – 21st April at Coal Drops Yard in London’s Kings Cross.  

Earthfest is a positive climate-action festival that brings together an incredible line-up of speakers, an immersive exhibition and a programme of interactive workshops – all centred around climate-related topics.

Advanced has all their suitable demo eBikes on show to be test ridden at the Earth Fest event.

About Earthfest 2024

Earthfest was created by the founders of the Camden Clean Air Initiative, and supported by King’s Cross, to fundraise and support their local initiatives, as well as propel their mission of a cleaner, greener community across London.

rOLE MODEL - Nallia Majid on the RECO

Nallia Majid is a volunteer ride leader for cycling group Cycle Sisters, a charity which aims to inspire and enable Muslim women to change their lives through cycling. 

‘I am proud to be part of the volunteer team since 2016 when the group was first set up,’ she says. ‘We have 10 groups in different boroughs across London with 1500 plus members. We are passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to the health, well-being and social benefits of cycling. In 2019 I started struggling due to my health. I did not want to give up cycling as it was a form of independence for me. I decided to buy an e-bike. It was the best decision I made. It means I can carry on with my volunteer work and get around without worrying about the inclines of my journey.‘

Role Model - Eilis Barrett on the eMTM

Eilis Barrett is a multi-award-winning reviewer of electric vehicles. As the lead presenter of ‘Electroheads’, she turns a journalistic lens on how e-mobility can impact our lives and the cities we inhabit. She has been a driving force in educating the electro-curious globally to make an informed decision on their next e-ride and in turn has amassed a following of hundreds of thousands of subscribers. 

Eilis says, ‘Having electric assist means I can ride for longer, not worry about the big hills, commute to work every day and not have to pack a change of clothes and feel safer with a quicker stop-start at traffic lights.”

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