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About us

We are Advanced


E-bikes are the driver of sustainable mobility, because they can often replace cars, especially in urban areas. They contribute significantly to lower emissions and to a positive change in our environment: from car friendly to people friendly.


For this transformation to succeed, e-bikes must be high-quality, durable and reliable. And they have to be fun, we are convinced of that. Because only then car usage really stops.

We want to inspire people to change their mobility behaviour. Through innovation and design, we make real progress tangible. We care about real progress for society, not with small scale or show off innovations.

We are Advanced and that is why we are moving forward, pursuing the vision of a circular economy and aiming to be the first climate neutral e-bike brand by 2025.

Sophie Browne

Director UK, sophie@advancedbikes.uk, 07552 482 967

Adam Browne

Director UK, adam@advancedbikes.uk, 07552 599 759 


Moving people – that was exactly the motivation of the two founders of Advanced in Germany in 2011.


As the first “pure player” with a 100% focus on electric bikes built in Germany, the company set trends right from the start, driven by a clear vision: Innovation in harmony with responsibility for employees, customers and the environment.

This has been the foundation for steady growth of Advanced.


We take responsibility and don’t duck away when it comes to the well-being of our customers, employees, our partners and our company, safety on the roads, the climate and the environment.

We refuse to act irresponsibly or unethically just to achieve short-term success.

By creating alternative, advanced means of mobility and reviving enthusiasm for cycling, we take responsibility.


We are all about getting people physically moving, motivating and inspiring them to change their behaviour. Sustainable materials and concepts on all levels play a big a role as well as innovative products in the field of micro-mobility with which we set impulses in the industry.


Fascinated by and convinced of the idea of closed cycles,

we don’t just wants to satisfy mobility needs. The goal is to revolutionise production to enable true sustainability and protect our planet. Circular design and progressive technology make sustainable mobility and resource conservation possible.

To be advanced means to move forward and at the same time focus on what is essential: people and the environment. That is real progress.


Maximum safety is the primary requirement for the development of our products. Safety is our driver for: the overall design of our products, the structural strength of the frames, the requirements for the components

Also the geometry of the frame has a decisive influence on the cycling experience.

All this provides the objective safety of our products, and equally gives the rider a uniquely safe feeling on their ebike on- and off-road.


In everything we do. No matter whether it is a new construction design, service for our customers and dealers, or the way in which we report on our products and our company.


People are our focus. We want to make life more beautiful every day. Nothing makes us happier than experiencing the first impression that our product has on people. The radiance in their face and the conviction in their voice that shouts from the bottom of their heart “Wow! That’s fantastic!“

The combination of the technical aesthetics with the power of the motor, the beauty of the components and paintwork brings to mind Leonardo da Vinci’s phrase: “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail!”


For us, beauty and superior technology are not opposites. Perfect technical solutions are always beautiful or they would not be perfect. A superficial design without technical substance would only be a short-lived showpiece.

Every word is still valid today and will be the day after tomorrow.

We will always remain true to this principle in order to have happy and satisfied customers.

We summarize these values in our brand message: INSPIRING TO CYCLE

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Moving people has always been our motivation. To provide them with the impetus to take paths that they might otherwise not be willing to travel under their own steam. We want to bring people closer to their goal. Give them the tool to have fun – in nature and in their city. Give people independence.

This journey began when the company was founded in Germany in 2011 and we named it EBIKE. DAS ORIGINAL. At that time we were the only player in the bike industry purely making electric bicycles. We thus not only enriched the bicycle market with another brand, we redefined it.

With the establishment of the business we have taken responsibility for society. We have created an alternative means of mobility and revived enthusiasm for the bicycle.

Our goal is not only to get people physically on the move, we want to trigger thoughts, motivate people, inspire them, change their behavior and lead them down new paths.

Sustainable materials and concepts in all areas play a major role, but also innovative products in the field of micro-mobility, that set impulses in the market.



The beginning of the second decade of Advanced‘s history is marked by groundbreaking projects…

At Eurobike 2022, the revolutionary RECO celebrates its premiere for the first time. in 2023 they showcased already two models made from the RECO carbon composite material. The new, advanced RECO frame technology not only has extraordinary sound- and shock-absorbing properties, but thanks to production in Germany saves approx. 68% CO2 emissions compared to an aluminium frame manufactured in Asia. The highlight: RECO frames can be easily and 100% recycled and returned to the material cycle.

At the end of July 2022, Advanced presented its first Impact Update. It documents its own sustainability status – from CO2 balancing to the topic of circular economy. Part of the report is the greenhouse gas balance that Advanced has compiled for the company (Corporate Carbon Footprint). This has also happened for a trekking bike (Product Carbon Footprint) – Advanced are the first and only manufacturer in the industry ever who had this certified.  

In April 2023, the new Advanced production facility was opened in the intermunicipal industrial estate Niedersachsenpark in Rieste near Osnabrück, Germany. It has been designed according to the most modern standards. The fact that sustainability is also a priority for this facility underlines the focus of Advanced gear up towards energy self-sufficiency.

The Advanced Mobility Hub, the new Advanced headquarters in Offenbach Germany, will open early 2024. Located directly on a new cycle path, it creates space for over 100 employees, has a showroom, and also integrates a wide range of service offerings: breakdown assistance, repair or inspection, cycling merchandise, protection from rain or simply a place to take a refreshing break. The new domicile is also all about the needs of female cyclists. The new headquarters also follow the goal of sustainability anchored in the company guidelines – from the climate-friendly façade to the roof garden. Timeless, minimalist design instead of short-lived trends forms the basis of materials and furniture used. Advanced favoured materials that are resource-conserving,  have minimal environmental impact in production, processing and disposal, are durable, and are manufactured according to the Cradle to Cradle principle with recognised certificates to be recyclable at the end of the use cycle.

We are represented in the UK by AlsoBikes Ltd.

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